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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FaceTime on Windows?

On Windows, FaceTime can be run completely from within a web browser by clicking a chat invite link sent to you from someone participating with an Apple device. You cannot start a FaceTime chat on a Windows computer. You’re only able to join an existing one created on an Apple device, and you'll need Chrome or Edge installed on your Windows PC.

How to make a FaceTime call on Windows 11?

Tap on the FaceTime app icon. Next, tap on the Create Link button. Tap on Add Name to to give a name to the FaceTime call. Enter a name in the text field and tap on OK to save it. Choose an option to share the FaceTime link with Windows 11 users. You can send it via messages, email, WhatsApp, or other messaging platform.

How to join a FaceTime meeting on Windows?

Moreover, if you want to get started with a FaceTime meeting, you first need to ask a friend who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to generate a meeting link and share it with you. That means you can’t generate a FaceTime invite link on your Windows device. And you will be able to join a meeting only if you have the link.

How to share FaceTime with friends on Windows 10?

On the FaceTime App, tap on the Create Link button to generate an invite link. With the generated link on your app, you can now share it with friends on Windows. You’ll need to go to the Upcoming section of the FaceTime app and locate the generated link.

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