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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Texas A&M email address to canvas?

Log in to Canvas with your TAMU NetID and password at Click the Account link in the Global Navigation Menu located on the left side of the screen under the Texas A&M logo Click the Settings link In the Email Addresses section on the top-right corner, click the Texas A&M email address registered to the Canvas account

When will my course be available in canvas?

If your course instructor has indicated you will use Canvas for that particular course, below are important updates: You can access Canvas by logging into Howdy . Access to your course in Canvas will become available by the official start date, August 19, 2020 and once your course instructor publishes the course.

How are course teaching and associate roles assigned to a canvas user?

The processes by which course teaching and associate roles are assigned to a Canvas user are listed below. All individuals associated with a course in Canvas are required to have completed FERPA and Information Security Awareness training in TrainTraq. This includes Canvas course associate roles (Lead TA, TA, Designer, Grader, Grade Submitter).

Why did Texas A&M University customize its list of instructors?

Texas A&M University has customized our list based on best practices recommended by Canvas, consultation with peer institutions, compliance with student privacy, and upholding Student Rules. Secondary instructor for a course and enrolled in a section as indicated from Compass.

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