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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UW canvas used for?

Canvas is the official learning management system of the UW. Canvas simplifies course management tasks: publishing course materials, grading, communicating with students, and more. Students can use Canvas to access course content, submit assignments anytime, anywhere and collaborate with peers and instructors.

How do I sign in to my UW canvas account?

Select the "W" University of Washington option and click Login. Enter your UW NetID and password. Click the Sign In button to be taken to your Canvas Dashboard screen. Students are automatically enrolled in courses for which they have registered through MyUW.

What is Canvas LMS?

Canvas is a cloud-based, vendor-hosted learning management system (LMS). Based on positive results from pilot studies and campus feedback, Canvas was adopted as the single, centrally supported UW-Madison LMS in 2016. Canvas is part of the [email protected] suite of learning technologies.

Where can I find more information about canvas?

Canvas is part of the [email protected] suite of learning technologies. More information about Canvas, updates, events and how to work with the [email protected] learning technology consultants are available on the DoIT Academic Technology website. To log in to Canvas, visit

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