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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did you sell your card Kingdom copy for?

My copy was probably heavily played, and I expect to get 70% of Card Kingdom’s buylist, or $70. While that is a little more than TCG low (ignoring the damaged copies), the difference was very small. Again, it would have been very difficult to sell my copy for $70 on a different platform.

Is card Kingdom’s increase to a buy price significant?

This means that in my daily checking of the buylist, I saw a time when Card Kingdom’s increase to a buy price was significant. The amount offered seemed very aggressive relative to its “old price”, giving me reason to investigate further.

Why can't card Kingdom pay for my Card on my invoice?

Card Kingdom is unable to pay for cards not received by our Grading Department, even if they appear on the invoice. If a card is not included in your sell order shipment for any reason, we cannot offer cash or store credit for the card. Please make sure that your invoice correctly reflects what is in your sell order.

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