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Frequently Asked Questions

Is card Kingdom a good place to buy from?

I only use Card Kingdom for there online buying. I got hooked into them from the command zone always talking Bout them. They really are super fast with there shipping and very friendly. I've been ordering from them for years now and never once had an issue.

Who is the owner of card Kingdom?

Morris and his brother John hoped to capture the broad appeal of board games when they chose a name for their second retail store in 2014. While Card Kingdom had earned name recognition in the gaming community, newcomers occasionally expressed surprise when they learned that the Morris brothers weren’t in the greeting card business.

How much did you send to Card Kingdom?

I sent 11800 USD of magic the gathering cards to Card Kingdom. The shop is in the USA, I sent it to the one in Seattle. That value came from their buy list. If I had a question about the process, it was answered promptly. If your selling cards to them, it's simple, just follow the instructions.

What happened to Card Kingdom and café MOX?

SEATTLE, WA, May 1, 2017 – Nearly six years after opening its doors on Leary Way in Ballard, Card Kingdom and Café Mox – a gathering place for Seattle gamers of all stripes – is getting a new name. Starting this spring, the acclaimed game store and restaurant will bear the same name as the company’s Bellevue outpost: Mox Boarding House.

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