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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cardamom have any health benefits?

Health Benefits of Cardamom. In ancient medical traditions, cardamom could cure a sore throat, teeth and gum infections, congestion, tuberculosis, stomach, kidney, and lung problems, and also be used as an antidote for spider and snake bites.

What are The Amazing health benefits of cardamom?

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom Promotes Digestion. Besides giving food a tasty edge, cardamom can improve food digestion, especially fats. ... Help Prevent Heart Attacks And Strokes. Cardamom is rich in natural anti-oxidant compounds which help to prevent development of atherosclerotic plaques on blood vessel walls, but cardamom also does ... Help Manage Bacterial Infections. ... More items...

How do I choose the best substitutes for cardamom?

For every teaspoon of cardamom, simply use half a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg. Cinnamon blended with ginger should also make for a very good combo to replace cardamom. The sweetness of cinnamon blends well with the warm, spicy flavor of ginger. Use equal parts of cinnamon and ginger to replace cardamom.

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