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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NBA hobby boxes?

NBA Hobby boxes offer one autograph and a chance for exclusive parallels. La Real is the sole focus of 2021-22 Topps Real Sociedad Team Set Soccer. Every box set has one limited parallel and a shot at an autograph. Collect wrestling legends in an artistic style with Topps Living Set WWE.

How many parallels are in a Donruss baseball card box?

Each Hobby box should include at least 29 parallels, with the breakdown being 24 Hobby-only Holo Blue cards, plus four Independence Day editions and one Liberty version. Releasing some new choices, the insert lineup in 2021 Donruss Baseball is diverse.

What's new in 2022 Topps Heritage baseball cardboard?

The annual MLB cardboard journey moves to 1973 in 2022 Topps Heritage Baseball. Like every year, the retro brand pairs classic designs with modern collecting elements. This includes one hit per Hobby box, which can be an autograph, auto relic or relic card.

What colors are included in the hobby boxes?

This includes Mosaic Red (2 per box) and Mosaic Purple. Each Hobby box also has five Silver Prizms. Look to the 1st Off the Line (FOTL) boxes for exclusive Mosaic Pink Swirl and Mosaic Green Swirl editions. Choice boxes have exclusive Fusion Red, Fusion Yellow, Black Gold, Nebula and Peacock parallels.

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