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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NYCC the Best Comic Con for vinyl?

Near the top of the vinyl food chain, NYCC is only bested by San Diego Comic-Con and the many Funko SDCC figures. However, the two conventions aren't that far apart when talking about the large number of options and the way the exclusives are handled.

Where and when is NYCC 2019?

NYCC 2019 takes place at the Javits Center in New York City from October 3 to October 6. Visit the New York Comic Con website for full details on the convention.

What's the deal with the Funko NYCC sticker?

All shared exclusives sold through Funko's store feature the NYCC sticker except for the Toy Tokyo releases. In order to combat bots and to improve the buying experience, Funko has changed the process for buying the exclusives to a lottery system. The full details are shown below. 2020 Funko New York Comic Con Exclusives Lottery

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