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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the Cardigans songs?

The Cardigans Song list And Then You Kissed Me (2003) Erase/Rewind (1998) Lovefool (1996)

What is Taylor Swift's Cardigan music video?

An official music video for "Cardigan"—written, directed, and styled by Swift—was released alongside the album on July 24, 2020. The "homespun" and "dreamlike" video starts out with Swift sitting in a candlelit cottage in the woods, wearing a nightgown and playing a vintage upright piano.

What is the story behind the Cardigan?

The entire shoot was overseen by a medical inspector, everyone wore masks, stayed away from each other, and I even did my own hair, makeup, and styling. “cardigan” is believed to be the first part of folklore ’s “Teenage Love Triangle,” told from the point of view of Betty.

What is the meaning of the song tatty old Cardigan?

When James came into Betty's life, she was low in confidence feeling like a discarded cardigan. He made her feel precious and needed by putting her on (i.e. wearing the tatty old garment). According to Swift, the song "is about a lost romance and why young love is often fixed so permanently within our memories.

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