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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Cardinal medical ordering site?

The legacy Medical Ordering site has been replaced with Cardinal Health Market SM , a new product experience designed with you in mind. If you need to login to Order Express, please visit that website using the link below.

How does Cardinal Health process purchase orders and shipments?

Orders and shipments must be made in accordance with written agreements in place between Cardinal Health and the manufacturer. Standard purchase order transmissions Cardinal Health transmits purchase orders (PO) to the manufacturer using three methods: •Electronic Data Interchange(EDI 850) - EDI POs are collected in real time.

What can I do with order express?

• Build and place orders directly from your mobile device – no need to upload to Order Express web. • Receiving is a breeze with improved tote scanning and one-tap product verification. • Painless Inventory processing – you might even look forward to that time of year!

What is a cardinal carrier?

Cardinal is an award-winning top 10 dedicated contract carrier and top 25 logistics provider offering fleet outsourcing, transportation management, last mile services, and integrated transportation IT solutions.

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