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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Los Angeles Rams too much for the Cardinals?

The Los Angeles Rams' margin has dipped this past quarter, but they are still well-situated to make the next round of the playoffs. After three quarters it's looking more and more like their high-powered offense is just too much for the Arizona Cardinals as the Rams lead 28-8.

Should the Cardinals go on the road for the playoffs?

In a strange twist, the Cardinals are actually quite pleased to go on the road for the playoffs. That's because Arizona has been much better when it gets out of the desert, finishing 8-1 in road games and 3-5 at home.

What happened to the Arizona Cardinals'season?

The Cardinals ended the regular season on a 1-4 tumble that included losses to three non-playoff teams and the Rams. DeAndre Hopkins hasn't played since that skid-starting loss to LA, and the star receiver won't return from knee surgery this week.

Did the Arizona Cardinals score more than the Seattle Seahawks last week?

Meanwhile, Arizona scored first but ultimately less than the Seattle Seahawks in their game last week. The Cardinals fell to Seattle 38-30. Despite the loss, Arizona got a solid performance out of RB James Conner, who punched in one rushing touchdown in addition to snatching one receiving TD.

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