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Frequently Asked Questions

How many games will the Cardinals play in 2020?

Because of the two-game international London Series, the Cardinals will play 79 games in St. Louis in 2020 with their final home games September 21-23 vs. Milwaukee.

When is the 2020 Chicago Cubs-Cardinals series in London?

CHICAGO -- The city of London will be treated to another classic rivalry next year, as the Cardinals and Cubs will play a two-game series on June 13-14, 2020, at London Stadium, in the second edition of the Mitel & MLB present London Series.

When does the St Louis Cardinals'2020 season start?

The St. Louis Cardinals, in conjunction with Major League Baseball's league-wide release, today announced their 2020 regular season schedule. The home opener for the Redbirds is set for Thursday, April 2 against the Baltimore Orioles as part of a seven-game home stand with Baltimore (April 2, 4-5) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (April 6-9).

When are the Cubs playing outside of St Louis?

The Cubs will also visit St. Louis for a four-game weekend series September 10-13. The Cardinals will host the Cubs in London, England for a two-game series June 13-14, the team's first ever regular season "Home" games outside of St. Louis.

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