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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Chicago Cardinals-Cubs series in London?

The announcement was made by Major. CHICAGO -- The city of London will be treated to another classic rivalry next year, as the Cardinals and Cubs will play a two-game series on June 13-14, 2020, at London Stadium, in the second edition of the Mitel & MLB present London Series.

Should Cardinals and Cubs fans take a trip to London?

Goldschmidt has been to London on vacation, and he hopes it’s a good excuse for Cardinals and Cubs fans to take a trip as well as bring in new fans for baseball. He recommends walking around the city and taking in all the sights, especially the Tower of London.

Why are the Cubs and cards playing in London in 2020?

“The rivalry between the Cubs and Cards is one of the best in sports and will be a great matchup for international baseball fans to experience in London.” The 2020 games are a fulfillment of a two-year agreement MLB signed with the city of London in '18.

Should the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry be brought to Europe?

"The Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is one of the best in sports, and it will be exciting to bring it to Europe for a new audience to experience. I have no doubt that the passionate sports fans in London will love these games, and we look forward to creating some new Cardinals fans overseas.”

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