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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should see a cardiologist?

Four people who should see a preventive cardiologist Strong family history of heart disease. Individuals in this group may have gene issues with which they were born that increase their risk of a heart attack, even if ... Personal history of early-age heart disease. Having a heart attack or stroke at a young age is unusual. ... Significant cholesterol disorders. ... Multiple uncontrolled risk factors. ...

When should you see a cardiologist?

You should see a cardiologist when you just don't feel well, especially symptoms related to the heart. Any symptoms like chest pain and palpitations, as well as a family history, may require you to visit a cardiologist.

What are the requirements to become a cardiologist?

There are four requirements to become a cardiologist: obtain a medical degree, attend a post-graduate internal medicine program, complete the specialist residency and secure a cardiologist medical license. All four of these items are required to become a cardiologist.

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