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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best cardiac surgeon?

The 10 Most Highly Regarded Heart Doctors in the US Dr. Thomas Bashore, of Duke University Medical Center, is a respected cardiovascular disease specialist, who has published many studies on this topic. ... Dr. Raymond Gibbons, of Mayo Clinic, specializes in heart attacks. ... Dr. Nieca Goldberg, of NYU Langone Medical Center, is a specialist in women's heart health. ... Dr. ... Dr. ... Dr. ... Dr. ... Dr. ... Dr. ... Dr. ...

How do I become a cardiologist Doctor?

There are four requirements to become a cardiologist: obtain a medical degree, attend a post-graduate internal medicine program, complete the specialist residency and secure a cardiologist medical license. All four of these items are required to become a cardiologist.

How to find the right cardiologist for You?

7 Steps to Find the Best Cardiologist for You Start with your primary care doctor's recommendation. Depending on where you live, you may have hundreds of cardiologists to choose from. ... Check the cardiologist's credentials. Look for a cardiologist who is board-certified, Dr. ... Stay local when picking a specialist for your heart condition, if you can. ... Communicate your needs to your cardiologist. ... More items...

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