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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should see a cardiologist?

Four people who should see a preventive cardiologist Strong family history of heart disease. Individuals in this group may have gene issues with which they were born that increase their risk of a heart attack, even if ... Personal history of early-age heart disease. Having a heart attack or stroke at a young age is unusual. ... Significant cholesterol disorders. ... Multiple uncontrolled risk factors. ...

When should you see a cardiologist?

You should see a cardiologist when you just don't feel well, especially symptoms related to the heart. Any symptoms like chest pain and palpitations, as well as a family history, may require you to visit a cardiologist.

How to find the right cardiologist for You?

7 Steps to Find the Best Cardiologist for You Start with your primary care doctor's recommendation. Depending on where you live, you may have hundreds of cardiologists to choose from. ... Check the cardiologist's credentials. Look for a cardiologist who is board-certified, Dr. ... Stay local when picking a specialist for your heart condition, if you can. ... Communicate your needs to your cardiologist. ... More items...

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