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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign up for the cardiology associates of Schenectady patient portal?

When you sign up for the Cardiology Associates of Schenectady patient portal, you get easy access to your heart doctor and a convenient way to stay up to date on all your heart health needs from a computer or smartphone.

Why choose cardiology Associates for Your Heart Care?

Most of our heart specialists spend their entire career at Cardiology Associates, allowing our doctors to form the long-term relationships that are so important to heart health. From heart disease prevention and cardiac testing to diagnosis and advanced cardiac procedures, we can meet all of your cardiovascular needs in your hometown.

What cardiac testing services do our cardiologists offer?

Our cardiac testing services include a full range of stress, cardiac imaging, cardiac ultrasound tests. Our cardiologists have unique expertise performing complex procedures and minimally invasive surgeries, making use of the newest technology in the field, in addition to our outpatient cardiology services.

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