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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started with the cardpointe gateway API?

The CardPointe Gateway API allows you to securely accept a wide-range of credit, debit, and alternative payments. To get started with the CardPointe Gateway API, review the Integration Process Overview for helpful information for testing and integrating the API. What's New?

What's new in this release of the cardpointe gateway?

A release of the CardPointe Gateway was deployed to the UAT environment on 9/9/2021 and is scheduled for deployment to the Production environment on 9/15/2021. This release includes the following updates in addition to internal fixes and enhancements:

How does rate limiting work in the cardpointe gateway?

In a recent update to the CardPointe Gateway, rate limiting was enabled for the funding, inquire, and profile endpoints in the UAT environment. With this release, rate-limiting is also enabled for the settlestat endpoint. Additionally, requests to these endpoints are now limited to 20 transactions per minute (TPM), by IP address.

Does the cardpointe gateway UAT environment support refund decline emulation?

The CardPointe Gateway UAT environment now supports refund decline emulation for First Data North, First Data Rapid Connect, and Chase Paymentech (PMT) merchants. See the Refund Authorizations support article for detailed information on upcoming changes to support Refund Authorizations (also referred to as Online Refunds).

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