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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take payments on my cardpointe?

CardPointe provides secure, encrypted terminals for you to take payment details at the point of sale. You can take payment via swiping, through a chip enabled card or via contactless payments (NFC). Accepting NFC payments means you can take new technology like Apple Pay.

What is CardConnect's $10 monthly fee?

Popular payment provider CardConnect is going to be increasing their fees for processing cards (known as their ‚ÄúCardPointe‚ÄĚ system) by $10/month, starting in July 2016. This monthly fee is in addition to other fees. The fee covers the costs of providing a more robust payment processing system.

What is cardpointe?

Plug-and-play terminal for swipe, dip and tap transactions, protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE) Free app and compatible device for on-the-go business, right at your fingertips Customizable, highly secure eCommerce solution for online stores Ready for CardPointe?

Does CardConnect support cardpointe?

CardConnect’s Gateway supports these requirements and because our CardPointe platform runs through the CardConnect Gateway, the full suite supports them as well. That includes the CardPointe Virtual Terminal, the CardPointe Mobile app, our retail terminal or any integration using our Gateway API.

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