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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cardpointe hosted payment page (HPP)?

The CardPointe Hosted Payment Page or CardPointe HPP is the best eCommerce solution for online stores to implement a simple, customizable payment page that fits their branding. CardPointe HPP requires no developer involvement, so setup is quick and simple.

Why choose icardpointe HPP?

CardPointe HPP is directly integrated to the CardConnect Gateway, providing your online payments environment with impenetrable security, thanks to our patented tokenization and point-to-point encryption security offering. Our easy checkout experience decreases shopping cart abandonment, while boosting your revenue.

How do cardpointe terminal devices work?

CardPointe Terminal devices not only leverage industry leading P2PE security measures, they are also plug-and-play ready and EMV-enabled. Simply plug, connect and accept – it’s that easy! The CardPointe Hosted Payment Page (HPP) is a secure, online checkout page for businesses to collect credit card and E-Check payments online.

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