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Frequently Asked Questions

What font does Cards Against Humanity use?

Cards Against Humanity uses Helvetica Neue Bold as its typeface. Since this is a copyrighted font, I can't make it available in the folder above, but it is easy enough to find. I'd recommend renaming the font to precisely this, "HelveticaNeue-Bold.otf", since I'm a little unsure if the script will work if the file name is different.

Where can you find cards against humanity?

Where can you buy Cards Against Humanity. The game is available pretty much anywhere in the world and can be ordered online for $25 for the main sets and $10 for the expansion packs. Certain editions such as the Canadian, Australian and UK versions of the game can only be bought in their respective countries.

Where can I Play Cards Against Humanity online free?

Here's How You Can Play Cards Against Humanity Online for Free While Social Distancing The first option, which is probably the simplest, requires players to head to ... Pretend You're Zyxxy. While this isn't exactly Cards Against Humanity, the website Pretend You're Zyxxy allows for more players, any expansions, and a much more in-depth level of play. Cards Against Humanity Lab. ...

Where can you play cards against humanity?

Yes, you can buy the game Cards Against Humanity at Walmart. We checked the Website and found both the basic game and expansion sets available. You can buy the game online and have it shipped to your home but the free in-store pickup option is probably better for you.

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