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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make your own cards against humanity online?

How to make your own Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition Download this PDF and print it at home. You can use regular white paper, or heavy white cardstock if you have any. The cards are black and white, so don’t worry if you don’t have a color printer. Cut the cards along the lines using scissors or an ancient katana.

Where can you buy cards against humanity online?

Yes, you can buy Cards Against Humanity and its complete extension sets including all its nice collections directly from Cards Against Humanity original box is $25 on Amazon. Cards Against Humanity can also be purchased at We’ve confirmed the Website and both the basic game and expansion sets are all available there.

Should I buy cards against humanity?

Cards Against Humanity on CAH StoreIf you've seen all these options and still want to buy a physical set of Cards Against Humanity, because you like real objects or just want to support the creators, the game's store has sets for you. In addition its extra boxes with 300 cards, or smaller themed expansions with 30 cards, are all available too.

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