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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for a veteran card?

Apply in Person. Request a Veteran Identification Card (VIC) in person at your local Department of Veterans Affair (VA) office. Have your picture taken to appear on the front of your VIC. Update your address, if necessary, with a staff person. Complete VA Form 10-10EZR, Health Benefits Renewal. Check the information printed on your VIC for accuracy.

Can disabled veterans get a military ID?

A veteran can acquire a military ID card, if they are retired from the military or a disabled vet with a rating of 10% or more. If the person does not fall into these two categories, then they are not allowed to receive a military ID card. If a disabled veteran needs an ID card,...

What is a military ID card?

Military ID cards Law and Legal Definition. Military ID card is a card or other form of identification used for the purpose of demonstrating eligibility to secure any benefit from the Department of Defense of the U.S.

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