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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does CareSource cover?

CareSource covers respite care (planned or on an emergency basis) that gives short-term help to an unpaid caregiver. Respite services are open to members age 18 to 21 that: are not in foster care, LTSS needs (as determined through an institutional level of care determination) need skilled nursing or rehabilitation services at least once a week,

Is CareSource publicly traded?

American CareSource Holdings is the first national, publicly traded ancillary care network services company. The company offers a comprehensive national network of more than 4,800 ancillary service providers at more than 33,300 sites through its subsidiary, Ancillary Care Services.

What does CareSource cover?

CareSource covers all medically necessary Medicaid-covered services. These services are available at no charge to you. You should not be billed for these services.

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