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Frequently Asked Questions

What is caretracker software?

CareTracker Software. Cerner’s CareTracker is a long-term care solution that enables assisted living facilities with no requirement of paper documentation. Through iPads and touch-screen kiosks, users can collect resident data including behavior, mood and symptoms of common skin conditions.

What is carecaretracker and how does it work?

CareTracker analyzes this data and alerts supervisors to issues of declining health. It enables monitoring resident conditions and identifying residents who may be at risk of falling or who require a hospital admission.

Who is the caretracker consultant at Argus?

Paulino also manages CareTracker ASP and Billing Company clients. Ms. Paulino holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Management Engineering. Ms. Phan joined Argus in 2018 and brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare.

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