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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Carole mean?

Carole ▼ as a name for girls is of Old German origin, and the name Carole means "free man". Carole is an alternate spelling of Carol (Old German): originally a male name. Carole is also a variant of Caroline (Old German). STARTS/ENDS WITH Ca-, -le

Who is Carole King?

Carole King, original name Carol Joan Klein, (born February 9, 1942, New York, New York, U.S.), American songwriter and singer (alto) who was one of the most prolific female musicians in the history of pop music.

What is a Carole dance?

carole, medieval European dance in a ring, chain, or linked circle, performed to the singing of the dancers. An indefinite number of persons participated, linking arms and following the step of the leader.

Why choose icarole fabrics?

Carole Fabrics has proudly served the interior design community for more than 60 years, making the finest soft window treatments in the industry, all handcrafted in the USA. We take pride in our reputation for exceptional quality, our broad on-trend collection of the finest fabrics, and our devotion to personal service.

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