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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Amiibo's worth it?

Amiibo's also provide in game perks for the Nintendo Switch. They are reasonably priced also. The Cat Mario, and Cat Peach Amiibo's look so good. So much so that I don't know if I can take them out of package.

Is the Mario and peach cat Amiibo limited time?

Best bet is Amazon for price at long as your willing to deal with shipping dates. is the mario and peach cat amiibo is limited time? Asked 6 months ago by amariofan. These amiibo are not specifically produced as a limited edition item, but as with most amiibo releases, will likely sell out over time and not see a major restock.

Will the Super Mario Amiibo work with other games?

It will probably work as a regular Mario amiibo in other games, (on Wii U and Switch) but there will be no Amiibo support on the Wii U version. If you want this Amiibo, or you think you might want it later in time, I suggest purchasing it now before the prices go up higher then 30 dollars.

How do you get Cat Mario in Super Mario?

After grabbing a Super Bell, Mario becomes Cat Mario and gains cat-like features like scratching, climbing, and pouncing. Meow meets mustache.

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