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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cat Mario Amiibo worth it?

The Cat Mario amiibo is a nice little thing I preordered along with my copy of 3D World, it's use in the actual game isn't anything special, just gives you a cat suit that makes you invincible from enemy attack. Personally I just got it cause I like having amiibo and displaying it on my shelf, obviously it's an optional thing but is good.

What is your favorite Amiibo to use?

The Cat Mario and Cat peach amiibo are my favorite amiibos, they get far more use than any of my others. They give you a power up every level once, if you take to long to get the power up it will disappear and it will not give you another one until die or restart.

Will the Super Mario Amiibo work with other games?

It will probably work as a regular Mario amiibo in other games, (on Wii U and Switch) but there will be no Amiibo support on the Wii U version. If you want this Amiibo, or you think you might want it later in time, I suggest purchasing it now before the prices go up higher then 30 dollars.

What is the Super Mario 3D world + bowsers Fury Amiibo?

This amiibo is incredibly helpful for the game Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury. It gives you one white cat suit per level that grants invisibility. Very helpful for when you get stuck on a level.

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