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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can diagnose catatonia?

A pulmonary embolism or blood clot in the lungs can lead to catatonia symptoms. A fibrin D-dimer blood test can help diagnose catatonia. If test results are 500 mg/mL, catatonia is likely (Brasic, 2013). Computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans allow physicians to view the brain.

What are the causes of catatonia?

Catatonia can also be caused by many different medical disorders. Some causes are infections, such as encephalitis; autoimmune diseases; damage to the brain from strokes; and metabolic problems.

What does catatonia feel like?

Catatonia means a person is awake, but does not move, talk, or react to anything but pain. The person can stay stiff and still for hours. A person with catatonia may look to be in a stupor (being mentally numb and in a daze). The cause is in the nervous system; the brain and nerves.

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