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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of engine is a Caterpillar C32?

Caterpillar C32 Marine Engines The C32 Marine Engine made by Caterpillar is a marine propulsion style engine. It is made with ACERT technology to be durable and reliable throughout years of intense use.

Is the CAT C32 diesel engine Def-free?

Optimized to meet some of the most demanding operating cycles of just about any machine, the DEF-free Cat C32 can help owners and operators save on parts costs while also remaining maintenance-free for the engine's lifetime.

Which is better a CAT C32 or C32?

Bigger is better and that’s because the Cat C32 comes standard with a five-year warranty, world-class global dealer network support and simplified service routines.

Is the C32 ACERT marine propulsion engine Tier 3?

The C32 ACERT marine propulsion engine is available at ratings that meet both EPA Tier 3 and IMO II emissions regulations. It has a separate circuit aftercooling system (SCAC) for A through C ratings and a seawater aftercooling system (SWAC) for D and E ratings.

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