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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the new Caterpillar facility in Georgia?

Caterpillar Celebrates the Grand Opening of BCP’s Athens Facility. Hundreds of attendees, including Caterpillar executives, dealers, suppliers, customers and employees plus leaders from the state of Georgia, celebrated the grand opening of Caterpillar's facility in Athens, Georgia, on October 31.

How many employees does caterpillar have in Athens GA?

More than 300 employees have been hired at the facility so far. That number is anticipated to reach 1,400 as production continues to ramp up. "It's a great opportunity to help start a facility. Rarely does this chance ever come along. Caterpillar is just a great company to work for, and it now has a home in Athens.

Does caterpillar make tractors in Georgia?

That success leads directly to opportunity and prosperity for Georgians." The Athens facility will become Caterpillar's global source for small track-type tractors and will also provide mini hydraulic excavators for customers in North and South America and Europe.

Why is Caterpillar investing in Georgia?

"Caterpillar's investment in Georgia showcases why companies want to do business in our state," said Governor Deal. "We have a solid business climate, a highly skilled workforce and logistics that provide what companies such as Caterpillar need to be successful. That success leads directly to opportunity and prosperity for Georgians."

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