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Frequently Asked Questions

How to identify Caterpillar equipment?

How to Identify Caterpillar Equipment. Step 1. Locate the PIN plate on a vehicle engine. The plate is typically mounted on the cylinder block on the right rear side. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.

What is a caterpillar used for?

Some species are pests of growing plants, carpets, woollens, organic fabrics and stored food products. Caterpillars are an important source of food for birds and other invertebrates and many species help dead animals and plants decompose.

Where is Caterpillar manufactured?

While most of Caterpillar's machines are manufactured in the Midwest, some of the company's other leading manufacturing plants are located in Russia, China, and Brazil. Caterpillar moved its headquarters closer to Chicago to Deerfield, Illinois, just a few miles north of the city.

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