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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use chicken liver bait for catfish?

Circle hooks work well for other catfish baits, but not for chicken liver. The meat is too tender and won't stay on a circle hook alone when casting. Fish will also tear it off before you have a chance to set the hook. Treble hooks keep chicken liver on longer. Treble hook barbs are very sharp and effective for setting the hook too.

What kind of hook do you use for chicken liver?

What are liver hooks? Imagine a treble hook with one of the barbs removed (two barbs instead of three), a longer shank, and a metal clip that helps hold the chicken liver on the hook when you are catfishing (sort of like a safety pin on the hook). You can find out more here on liver hooks. Other Tips For Using Chicken Liver For Catfish Bait

What's the best way to keep catfish on the hook?

If you are a huge fan of not needing to purchase any extra equipment, a great catfish tip is to pin bait straight to the shank of the hook is the egg loop knot. It is just a simple knot that can be tied with a piece of leader. It has a retractable loop on one end that pins the bait on.

What kind of bait to use for catfish?

If you ever fish for channel catfish, you have probably used chicken liver. This extremely fragile and soft catfish bait is directly tied to the sport. It is one the best channel catfish baits. The only problem is learning how to keep chicken livers on the hook.

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