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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was manager that removed Catfish Hunter from game?

Sharon asked her mild-mannered husband about it; Joe Rudi acknowledged that he and Hunter got a little carried away in their excitement. Odom remembered when A's manager Alvin Dark once removed Hunter from a game. He promptly took out his frustrations on a nearby water cooler.

When was Catfish Hunter day at the a's?

The A's held Catfish Hunter Day on June 12, with ceremonies before their game against the Dodgers. The event raised more than $35,000 for the Catfish Hunter Foundation, to support ALS research.

When did Bob Dylan write the song Catfish Hunter?

Hunter has been the subject of multiple popular culture references. Bob Dylan wrote the song "Catfish" in 1975. the song was later released by Dylan, Joe Cocker and Kinky Friedman.

Who was the baseball player known as catfish?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. James "Jim" Augustus Hunter (April 8, 1946 – September 9, 1999), nicknamed "Catfish", was a professional baseball player in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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