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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Catfish Hunter get the nickname Catfish?

Hunter was sent to the Mayo Clinic that year so that surgeons could work on his foot. He recovered in LaPorte, Indiana at the farm of Athletics owner Charles O. Finley. Finley gave Hunter the nickname "Catfish" in 1965 because he thought his 19-year-old pitcher needed a flashy nickname.

When did the Yankees retire Reggie Jackson's number 44?

Reggie Jackson's number 44 was retired by the New York Yankees in 1993. The Yankees won the pennant in 1976 but were swept in the World Series by the Reds . A month later on November 29, they signed Jackson to a five-year contract totaling $2.96 million ($13,460,000 in current dollar terms).

Why did Reggie Jackson go to Arizona State University?

When Reggie graduated from high school and made his way to Arizona State University on a football scholarship, the most important figure in his life was not present. Martinez Jackson had been arrested and jailed near the end of Reggie’s senior year in high school for making moonshine in his basement.

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