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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does catfish King serve in East Texas?

We serve the East Texas area. Delivery and On-Site cooking available. Restaurant Like everyone else, you just want to get the most for your money. With our menu prices you'll get just that.

Who is the owner of fish king Grill?

Chef Mercado has combined his passion for New Orleans cuisine to his flagship restaurant to the Las Vegas community. In 2015 Miguel and his family decided to launch what is to be known as Fish King Grill. Many sacrifices had to be made to make this dream a reality.

Where to eat fried catfish in Tyler TX?

One of the few places left that uses REAL catfish, farmed in the USA. Delicious fish, great cole slaw, complete salad bar. The BEST fried fish in Tyler! We always have a good dining experience at Catfish King in Tyler. In-laws are coming in from out of state and we will be eating there tonight.

What to serve with fried catfish at home?

Choice of 2 Grilled Fillets or 1 Fillet and 6 BBQ Shrimp or 1 Fillet and 1 Grilled Chicken Breast. 3 crispy corn tortillas stuffed with Fried Catfish or Grilled Tilapia, Pico de Gallo, coleslaw, and Comeback Dressing served with rice and beans. For 12 years and younger, Includes fries and drink.

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