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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you avoid eating catfish?

Yes , you should avoid imported farm-raised catfish. The practices would not pass muster in the United States, and antibiotics that are banned for use by the FDA are used. Plus, it isn't a good catfish. It does not taste the way catfish should taste.

Are cory catfish nocturnal?

As opposed to many other catfish species, Cory Cats are not nocturnal. They are very active during the day, giving their owners plenty of opportunities to observe and record their antics. They tend to propel themselves to the very top and suck air from the surface.

What do freshwater aquarium catfish eat?

Catfish for aquariums can be quite shy. These bottom dwellers need hiding places, soft substrate, and a few rocks that they can relax on. Much as aquarium catfish are known to be scavengers and can feed on algae in the fish tank, they also need a balanced diet like any other fish.

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