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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is catfish snack at catfish station?

Fish Snack $7.99 3 hand-battered fish pieces served over a bed of fries and one hush-puppy. Substitute fries for any side for an additional charge. Shrimp Basket $12.99 10 hand-battered jumbo shrimp served with your choice of 1 side and 2 hush-puppies.

What do you think of a and J's Catfish station?

Start your review of A and J's Catfish Station. This is by far and away my favorite spot for Catfish near my work. I'm really glad they are here. It's simple, consistent, fairly inexpensive if you get the specials, and the people are just really nice. I've never encountered anyone who wasn't overly polite and extra helpful.

What foods are served at catfish station in Memphis?

Fresh Fried Catfish Fillet $10.99 Hand-Breaded Fried Shrimp $5.29 Fried Chicken Tenders $4.99 Hamburger $4.59 Fried Okra $2.18 Green Beans $1.99 Cole Slaw $1.99 French Fries $1.99 Key-Lime Pie $2.99 Lemon Cake $3.75 We proudly serve Coca-cola products.

How much do Chicken Tenders cost at catfish station?

3 Pieces Chicken Tenders $6.99 3 hand-battered chicken tenders served over a bed of fries. Substitute fries for any side for an additional charge. 6 Pieces Chicken Tenders $8.99 6 hand-battered chicken tenders served with your choice of 1 side. Homemade etouffee or spicy Alfredo sauce for an additional charge. Blackened Fish $12.99

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