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Frequently Asked Questions

What does catfishing mean in slang?

Catfish is slang for someone with a social network profile pretending to be someone else, most likely a beautiful girl. People catfish(catfishing), to try to gain the trust of people they might not know by pretending to be someone they might trust without knowing, which is most catfishers are pretending to beautiful women.

Why is it called being catfished?

The title 'Catfish'. The title Catfish was coined after something Angela's husband Vince said . He was talking of how cod fish were shipped from Alaska to China, stored in vats on the ship. But the cod would become tired and lazy and by the time they arrived their flesh were "mushy and tasteless".

What does getting catfished mean?

The definition of being catfished is when someone is using a fake identity to lure someone in, likely to be on the internet. They may also use this to ‘troll’ people; to throw insults their way online, hidden behind another persona.

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