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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Catherines credit card increase?

You can get a Catherines Credit Card credit limit increase by calling 1-800-995-9450. Comenity Bank will also periodically review your account to see if you're eligible for an increase. Keep in mind, though, that asking for a credit limit increase could result in a hard pull on your credit report, lowering your score for a short period of time.

How can I cancel my Catherines credit card?

You can cancel your Catherines credit card online or by calling Comenity Bank’s customer service at 1-800-995-9450. To close your account online, simply log in, click “Contact Us” and select “Submit a Question.” From the dropdown menu, choose “Closing/Opening an Account” and just follow the instructions. show more…

How long does it take for a Catherines gift card to arrive?

Physical gift cards will be mailed via First Class Mail and will arrive within 5 business days of purchase. Gift cards are non-refundable, are not redeemable for cash or check and cannot be applied as payment to any account, except to the extent required by law. Gift cards will not be re-issued if lost or stolen.

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Born in Butte, Montana, Card did radio roles in the late 1930s, notably Uncle Walter's Doghouse, broadcast on NBC from 1939 to 1942. She played Grandma Barton in The Bartons from December 25, 1939, to September 11, 1942, and played three roles (Carrie, Sue, and Bess) on Just Neighbors May 30-September 23, 1938.

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