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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Your Catherines credit card online?

Yes, you can continue to use your Catherines Credit Card for all purchases online at Do I still need to pay my bill? Yes, please see your most recent billing statement or sign into your account for balance information.

What to buy in plus size at Catherines?

Catherines Coupons, Discounts & Deals. At Catherines ® Plus Sizes, we specialize in easy styles and flattering designs for sizes 16–34 plus petite and tall. You’ll find everything from classic 5-pocket jeans and elastic-waist pants to beautiful blouses, soft tops and effortless dresses.

How big is Lake St Catherine golf course?

In the mid 1990’s the course was expanded to 18 and measures 6200 yards. Given the elevation changes throughout the course, it may actually play closer to 6600 yards! If you were to play today, you would experience playing the first 4 holes of the original 9 hole design – a reminiscent walk for our senior members and guests.

What's the average size of a Catherines dress?

Casual Clothing, sizes 12-44 Stylish, Feminine Head-to-toe Fashion, sizes 12-44Stylish, Feminine Head-to-toe Fashion, sizes 12-44 Polished Classics for Work & Life, sizes 12-36WPolished Classics for Work & Life,

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