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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Catherines Plus size stores still open?

As part of Ascena Retail Group Inc.'s bankruptcy, all Catherines plus size stores will permanently close but the e-commerce business could live on.

Is the Catherines store in Granger Indiana closing?

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—Catherines, a women’s clothing store specializing in plus-sized apparel, announced on its Facebook page Thursday that it will close all of its stores. There is a Catherines location in Granger on E. University Drive.

Where are the locations of the Catherines stores?

Catherines Locations. 1 Catherines. 3106 Henry St, Muskegon. 2 Catherines. 3 Catherines. 4 Catherines. 5 Catherines. More items

Who is the parent company of Catherines clothing?

Catherine’s will move to an online only brand, with City Chic as it’s parent company. As a brand who is one of the few who carry options up through a size 36, finding a home is a great thing.

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