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Frequently Asked Questions

How do they insert a catheter?

Insert the tube. Catheter tubes in males need to be inserted to the level of the Y connector after urine has started to flow. Female insertion occurs until urine has started to flow into the catheter bag. From that point insert the tube up towards the bladder an additional two inches.

What does the Word catheter mean?

cath·​e·​ter | \ ˈka-thə-tər , ˈkath-tər\. : a tubular medical device for insertion into canals, vessels, passageways, or body cavities usually to permit injection or withdrawal of fluids or to keep a passage open — compare balloon catheter.

What surgeries require a catheter?

Surgical catheters also are used in patients who have heart conditions. Catheters are used in angioplasty procedures to determine whether heart arteries have been narrowed and whether a patient's heart valves are working properly. In this procedure, a sheath is inserted into a patient's arm or leg.

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