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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Testa di Cavolo mean in Italian?

Testa di cavolo: cabbage head. This means idiot. Sei una testa di cavolo (you are a cabbage head). Non vali un cavolo: you are not worth a cabbage. Something or somebody that you don’t think much of.

What are the pros and cons of Cavolo?

It has the added merit of bringing charm and giggles to conversation that might otherwise end differently. Cavolo is a real tension breaker in a language that sometimes can be hard to handle, especially if screaming and shouting do not strike the right note for you.

What does entrarci come Cavoli a merenda mean in Italian?

So, tell the proverb entrarci come cavoli a merenda (literally: as fitting as cabbages for a snack) to a friend who just said something completely irrelevant and out of context: you will easily win the argument! This proverb refers to those who try to achieve two opposite goals at the same time, often failing.

Is cabbage a bad word in Italian?

In Italian slang, there are many vegetables that play a dramatic role in everyday conversation. But only one is the undisputed prima donna when it comes to kind of swearing in Italian: the cabbage – il cavolo. It is the safe substitute of a much stronger bad word, the same as saying ‘fudge’ is in English.

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