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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CDAN stand for?

The Crash Data Acquisition Network (CDAN) is an integrated, web-based information technology system that provides a single, central IT platform that maintains the data NCSA requires to analyze vehicle crash data and identify outcomes, causal factors, and vehicle and component performance.

Who is Enty @CDAN?

So, most of my readers know that I’ve been following Enty, over at (#CDAN for short), for some time now. Enty is a very high level Entertainment Lawyer (thus the name, “Enty)” with connections out the wazoo, who publishes what are known as #BlindItems.

What is CDAN Nexus?

The heart of CDAN Nexus is its data processing capability, which was designed by digital forensics data experts and has been refined over many years by hundreds of experienced forensics professionals. CDAN Nexus offers outstanding levels of accuracy to an evidential standard and provides forensic reports and other outputs that you can rely on.

Is CDAN the biggest Disinfo site out there?

It was entertaining when it first hit the streets, for a good laugh. It has become one of the biggest disinfo sites out there, and the screeching frauen who claim these yacht girls and pedos blinds are true, are now more entertaining than the info on CDAN itself, and equally pathetic.

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