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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cdcdkeys a scam or legit?

CDKeys are legit dude. Safe as can be I've never used them either but I'm not sure how you think it's a scam? i don't see anything on the site to give me that impression. I got 12 months of PS+ from them today. Ordered loads of times before and never had an issue. No, they are legit. EDIT: Got a refund. :)

Is cdkey a legit key distributor?

They're probably the most legit key distributor out there. I have never had a issue with CDkeys. Been buying live and few cheap games here and there for 3 years now and recommended to many friends, no issues.

What are the most common complaints about CDKeys?

This is the most common complaint. It looks like a small percentage of keys sold by Cdkeys may have been used/redeemed previously, so keep this in mind as a potential risk. When this happens, Cdkeys can refuse to issue a refund, stating that their policy allows them to refund only unused keys. Here’s what a typical response may look like.

Who is the owner of CDKeys com?

Cdkeys is owned by Omnyex E-commerce DMCC, a leading independent wholesale & distributor of video games and video game related products across the globe. While is online based, Omnyex is located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Where does Cdkeys get their keys?

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