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Frequently Asked Questions

Which celebrities have face tattoos?

Post Malone (center), Adam Levine (left) and Lil Wayne are among the celebrities with memorable face tattoos. Prince Williams/WireImage The human body is a work of art. And these celebrities have no problem layering on the art by inking up their own physiques.

Does Post Malone have a face tattoo?

Although he already had several face tattoos, Post Malone added to his collection to celebrate the new year. Now, the 24-year-old singer has a medieval gauntlet wielding a menacing flail along the side of his face. Aaron Carter (R) photographed in April with multiple face tattoos. (Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage)

Why do celebrities hide their tattoos?

For a long time, female celebrities, whenever they got a tattoo, would stay silent about it. The tattoos were often small and hidden, because of the social stigma against tattoos, especially against famous women wearing them.

Are face tattoos a trend?

As for the face designs, they might be small but hold pretty high standards. Just because Kendall Jenner dawns a beautiful face tattoo or Justin Bieber has many tattoos on his face which he loves to glorify, it does not mean that it has become a negative or high flow trend.

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