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Frequently Asked Questions

What careers are there in neuroscience?

There are several medical careers in neuroscience depending on what the student wishes to focus on. Neurological surgeons and neurologists are hands-on doctors who work closely with other medical professionals to diagnose and treat nervous system disorders and injuries.

What does a neuroscience specialist do?

Neuroscience Specialists is the largest and most established neurosurgical practice in the state of Oklahoma. Specialized neurosurgical care is focused toward prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation encompassing a broad spectrum of disorders affecting the spine, brain, cerebrovascular system, nervous system and peripheral nerves.

What is interesting about neuroscience?

Myths and interesting facts about neuroscience and EQ. There are well researched pieces into how the brain works. Essentially what it finds is that in patients where the brain was cut in the middle, they still had full capability for creative abilities and for tasks needing focus on data and information.

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