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Frequently Asked Questions

How to say Happy New Year in Chinese?

These happy New Year messages, well wishes and quotes will enable you share the joy and love during the festive period. Greeting an older (or respected) person is a little different in Chinese: nín for 'you', instead of the common nǐ. For example: 祝您……. Zhu nín... (/joo neen/) Wish you (older/respected) ...

How do you wish the staff a Happy New Year?

Warm wishes to the staff who has always been there to shoulder their responsibilities and to contributing to the success of our company. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to our staff.

What is Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year Message from the Chief Executive Fellow citizens, The Lunar New Year is a time for family reunions. Children, in particular, love this time of the year because of the enjoyment of long holidays and red packets. To get on well with their children, parents should spend more quality time with them to strengthen the ties.

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