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Frequently Asked Questions

What is changechange healthcare doing to protect my account?

Change Healthcare is committed to protecting your account information and preventing payments fraud. Learn more about how we protect your account and report suspected fraud incidents. To submit claims for patient visits, providers must first be set up in the Change Healthcare system.

How do I get help with Change Healthcare products?

Get help with Change Healthcare products through our support portals, find resources such as enrollment forms and payer lists, sign up for the community, and more. Looking for something specific?

Is changechange healthcare clearance HIPAA compliant?

Change Healthcare Clearance is intended for authorized users only. Individual private health information may be accessed through this system and inappropriate use or disclosure of this information is subject to prosecution under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and may result in fine and/or incarceration.

How does the Change Healthcare self-service enrollment process work?

This is completed by the submission of either an enrollment form or direct link by a vendor who has access to the Change Healthcare self-service enrollment portal. Real-time functions provide the ability to verify eligibility, check claims status, locate providers, review requests and responses, and make claim-related financial inquiries.

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